By making a booking with Landsdale Bus Charters the customer agrees that they have read, understood and consent to the following terms and conditions. Landsdale Bus Charters owns and operates this website (“Website”). By accessing or using any part of the website, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the website or use any services. If these terms and conditions are considered an offer by Landsdale Bus Charters, acceptance is expressly limited to these terms. The website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old.


1. Bookings

These terms and conditions will come into effect immediately upon accepting a booking from Landsdale Bus Charters. The customer will be responsible for providing accurate and correct information regarding times, dates, activity and number of people. Omissions of details by the customer may result in additional costs or cancellation of the journey. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (including GST).

2. Payment

A deposit is required to make a booking secure; all deposits must be made to Landsdale Bus Charters bank account, the details which will be included in the written quotation. The balance of the payment is to be paid in cash or card on arrival on the day of transport.

A bond is in addition to a deposit, not all transportation will require a bond. Some trips such as party transfers, festivals and birthdays may require a bond which is to cover any damages and any excess cleaning services which may be necessary. Bonds are strictly paid via bank transfer only.


3. Booking Amendments

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure they have provided accurate booking details. Landsdale Bus Charters are not accountable for any errors relating to completeness and accuracy of details provided. Any amendments must be communicated to Landsdale Bus Charters as a matter of urgency to guarantee the journey is still in accordance with the original quotation and planning. Booking amendments may incur additional payments depending on the amount and variability of the changes. Landsdale Bus Charters will not be held liable for customer not arriving to their destination on time or being late for festivals and other events, ample time should be accounted for in the initial pick up time. In addition, Landsdale Bus Charters shall not be responsible for a delay in journey time and arrival arising as a result of traffic detours/ delays or undesirable weather conditions.


4. Tickets and venue entry fees

Landsdale Bus Charters do not include the cost of entry fees to parks, tourist attractions and other venues they are for your own account. The only cost charged to the customer is for the hire of bus only.


5. Route

Unless advised otherwise by the customer at the time of pickup it will be up to the driver to decide the best possible route to travel according to traffic delays, road works and weather conditions. The driver reserves the right to decide when is the best time to take mandatory required breaks and down time in the journey.


6. Alcohol Consumption and Behaviour

It is against the law to consume alcohol on board any vehicle in WA.

Smoking in vehicles is also against the law.

If it is seen that the passengers are attempting to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages on the vehicle the driver has the right to stop and terminate the journey with no refund of the payment. This also applies to severely intoxicated and antisocial behaviour by the passengers.


7. Limited Liability

Landsdale Bus Charters has procedures in place to ensure our customers are transported to their destination safely. However, Landsdale Bus Charters shall not be held responsible for any damage, harm or loss of any kind caused by our drivers except where permissible by law. Landsdale Bus Charters cannot be held liable for substantial loss and negligence which is not reasonably foreseeable.


8. Travel Insurance

Landsdale Bus Charters strongly recommends that international travels take out their own travel insurance policies that cover the loss luggage and personal liability.


9. Fuel Levy

If the cost of petrol has a significant increase, then Landsdale Bus Charters shall include an additional cost for the increase in the price of fuel in the initial quotation. 


10. Perth Observatory

Our partnership with Perth Observatory means Landsdale Bus Charters is only responsible for the safe transfer of passengers to and from the Observatory. All bus bookings must be made through Perth Observatory’s online website unless other arrangements have been made. When making a booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out by Perth Observatory and Landsdale Bus Charters.


11. Damages

Any damages to vehicles and other equipment belonging to Landsdale Bus Charter will result in the bond paid to be with held indefinitely. If major damages occur i.e. breaking windows, doors or speakers further additional charges will apply to cover the cost of damages. Where a bond has not been paid the customer hiring the bus will be responsible for all costs.


12. Cancellation Policy

The customer may cancel their trip at any time prior to the day of departure, however deposits are non – refundable. If the cancellation is made on behalf of Landsdale Bus Charters due to unforeseen events then the customer will be repaid their deposit and bond back in full.